Dag tegen gas-49

#dayagainst gas

Time for a backlash.


It is war in Ukraine. This war is partly made possible by the proceeds of fossil fuels that are sold to the West – including the Netherlands. This money tap must be closed. So it’s time for COUNTER GAS! Time for less suffering, more independence, affordable energy bills and some love for the climate. How? By reducing our energy consumption.

That is why we call on companies, municipalities, institutions and the rest of the Netherlands to inspire and activate each other to structurally reduce fossil energy consumption. Because in the end, the best energy is no energy. Together we say #dagtegengas.

Will you help spread the message of #dagtegengas?

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promotions on March 27, 2022

Throughout the Netherlands, organizations, municipalities, schools and neighborhoods say on and around March 27, 2022,  # daytime gas. One organizes an energy market, the other gives away free-saving shower heads.

Think of an action yourself and we will share it on our website and social media.

đź‘‹ This is what the Netherlands says #dagtegengas

Curious about what the promotions look like? View the impression below.

Supporters of #dagtegengas

Ruud Koornstra

Harm Edens

Marjan Minnesma

Jan Rotmans

Lisanne Havinga

Lieke Lamb

Derk Loorbach

Richard van de Sanden

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