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By buying Russian natural gas, we help pay for Putin’s war chest. Let’s turn the gas tap or war mtenet closed, so we actually turn on his money tap. Due to the high gas price, and through Groningen, we know we can do this . But unfortunately it still happens too little. How can we save even more? You will find all kinds of tips on this page. Some are about saving electricity. This is also necessary, because a lot of electricity is still generated in gas or coal-fired power stations, which in turn burn fossil energy from Russia. Time for radical savings!

your checklist for Sunday 27 March

Ice cold shower

Start your day with an ice cold shower. Good for your focus, immune system and mood. After this you will never want anything else.

Unused Plugs

Unplug unused chargers or plugs from the mains. It is a small effort and so you prevent standby consumption.

Cooking without heat

We challenge you to cook without a heat source Less energy but just as tasty! For example, make gazpacho.

Heating off

The weather will be nice. Can you get it fresh? Then pull out your best Christmas sweater.

Want to do even more?

1. Set your boiler to 60 degrees

Save natural gas, money and CO₂ by setting your boiler to 60 degrees. Know how to? Look at

2. Take a hike (or a bike)

Work at home . Get on your bike to do your shopping or to visit someone. Is healthy too, and not just for yourself .

3. Tire pressure

Still by car? keep your tires good on tension. Tires always lose pressure slowly (2 to 3% per month) and therefore need to be refilled regularly. If 50% of the motorists use the (free!) Smart Tire Pumps, we save 0.2 Mton CO₂ per year. Properly inflated tires save about 2% to 5% of fuel consumption.

4. Eat local and organic

Choose pears, apples, cherries on the fruit bowl. And local seasonal products during mealtime. What you get from afar tastes a lot less delicious now, doesn’t it? If you also opt for organic, you have double the profit! Because fertilizer is used in conventional agriculture: did you know that a lot of natural gas is needed for the production of fertilizer?

5. Be careful with your heat

Take a tour for saving measures at home. Close doors of spaces where you can’t or long, so that the heat does not escape. See which heating you can turn off: not every empty room has to be warm for hours. Stick radiator foil behind the radiators. With special, whisper-quiet radiator fans under the heating you help the heat spread better in the room (Speedcomfort gives a discount with TEGENGAS as a discount code!). Does your letterbox already have a draft brush? And your shower has a water-saving shower head? Also consider insulating your crawl space, cavity wall or attic and installing HR++ glass. Then choose ‘bio-based‘ materials: this saves both fossil raw materials and fossil energy for production. A cheap alternative that quickly pays off: pleated roller blinds with insulating effect.

Savings: Package for 500,000 households saves 0.5 megatons of CO₂ = 240 million cubic meters of gas

6. Warm Sweater Day Everyday

Turn the heating down a degree and make every day a warm sweater day. For every degree you lower, you save 6% energy and CO₂! At night, your thermostat can also be set to 15 degrees 9 (underfloor heating to 17-18, otherwise heating will take too long). And your bedroom can do without heating – if you are cold, grab an extra blanket!

Savings: 100,000 households 1 degree less warm saves 8 million cubic meters of gas

7. Stop standby consumption

With feed-through plugs and power strips with a switch you can prevent standby consumption. This ensures that devices are really off and do not use energy unnecessarily in standby mode.

Tip: during the minute it takes your smart TV to start up, look around you to see if any lamps or devices are unnecessarily switched on.

Savings: 100,000 households saving 450 kWh standby power = 3.75 million cubic meters of gas

8. Stop Glowing

Do you still have energy-saving lamps, or even incandescent lamps or old halogen spots? Then now is the time to switch to LED. Nowadays there is a solution for every fixture, size, light color and light intensity to find an alternative. LED consumes only a fraction of the energy of the previous generation of lamps. Leds do it!

Savings: 50 euros in LED lamps saves 0.2 Mton CO₂ = 40 million cubic meters of gas

9. turn off that bite

Hang your laundry to dry on a clothesline, not in a dryer. Turn off lights when you leave a room or away from home (or put a motion detector in between). Only turn on your dishwasher when it is really full. And that beer fridge in the shed, is it really necessary?

Wet finger savings: about 100 million cubic meters of gas!

10. Gas back

If you are still in that car, adjust your driving behaviour. Accelerate less when pulling away and just drive 100 if you can 130. You save about 0.7 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers that you drive. That adds up nicely, also in terms of costs that you save.

11. Go on a data diet

Data storage requires a lot of energy, so clean up your data† On your computer, tablet, telephone, server, website… And check whether your data center is really that green. You can also limit your CO₂ emissions by, for example, Use Ecosia as a search engine.

12. Keep an eye out

Do you see the lights burning unnecessarily somewhere in a public space or at a company? Pass it on. Join the action light out and door shut.

13. Lay solar panels

The gas or coal-fired power station does not need to be switched on for every kilowatt hour that you generate and consume yourself. Annually, a solar panel generates about 250 kWh and thus saves about 21 cubic meters of gas per year. And every time the sun shines, it makes you happy twice as a solar panel owner: at the time itself and at the end of the month.

14. Stay grounded

The consumption and emissions of a flight are enormous. Ask yourself: do you really have to go that far this summer? And does it have to be by plane? There are also possibilities to (night)train  nasty  the sun to go.

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