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As a municipality or province you are an inspiration to others

On this page you will find tips and ideas about what you can do in your municipality to save energy. Many things, such as making your buildings more sustainable and working on sustainable mobility, apply to all organizations and you will find a nice list of tips on the page for companies. But as a municipality you can do much more and that is why we would like to share some tips with you.  

what can you do as a municipality

1. Practical support

Offers practical support in implementing easy measures such as those from the energy -saving box. By unburdening people, we have more effect. Many municipalities already had energetic counters in the past two years equipped or energy coaches trained. Sometimes, however, these advisors are sent on the road with too little, so that the effect is minimal. In Wageningen people show how it can be done well tour buster teams that go door to door with materials and knowledge. Click here for more information .

2. Poverty reduction and energy saving

Work together with energie bank .nl and/or the qui et community to provide extra support to the people who need it most. For example, hand out water-saving shower heads (and install them right away). Work with your housing associations to ensure that HR boilers are set better (lower return temperature and eco mode instead of comfort mode) . It is often only two minutes of work per boiler, but a big saving for the residents. And….really… many corporations and their installers are not clear on this yet!

3. City center management

Ask the catering entrepreneurs ( eg via your city center manager ) to turn off the patio heating that day. Also ask shopkeepers not to keep their shop windows open. Sympathetic signs can be downloaded here. Don’t be discouraged by entrepreneurs who don’t want to. There are plenty who would. It’s the art to let them organize this themselves, with a helping hand. This has been working for years in several cities! In Wageningen, for example.

4. Enforce the energy saving obligation

Companies are obliged to implement sustainability measures that they can earn back within 5 years. In practice, this is hardly enforced. More important than checking, however, is inspiring. Make sure that companies know what is expected of them and how they implement this in a smart way. Organize an information meeting and link companies to smart solutions. Make sure they learn from each other. In addition, announce that you will also enforce it.

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